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WHAT I LEARNEDAndrey and I were so excited to check out this pizza spot by Brooklyn Bridge that we heard so much about.

(We have a thing for food – I think its a passion that brings us together).

Anyhow, it’s listed as one of the number one pizzerias in New York City.

As we turned the corner we saw this:

what I learned from pizz spot

A long ass line of people:

“Oh nahhhh” the both of us said as we laughed at the fools who were actually going to wait on this long line for freakin’ pizza! We figured we would just get something else to eat.

But then we kind of looked back…

Why did we look back?

The long line made us curious.

We went from hell nahh to almost itching to see if this line was worth the wait.

…Yes, we waited.

Here is what I learned from our visit to this pizza place.

Lesson #1: Celebrity Positioning Attracts.

I won’t get all Hollywood on you – but it’s the truth. People are attracted to celebrities (even when they do not know who the celebrity is). It’s kind of hilarious.

If you create celebrity positioning in your niche it will automatically attract more followers, fans, clients, sales, etc.

There’s a case study of a guy who wasn’t famous or a celebrity at all. A crowd of people formed around him faking it as if  he was a big celebrity -this was planned just to see how other people passing my would react.

And guess what? Other random people joined the crowd. They all wanted to know who this guy was. Some people even wanted signatures or pictures just because they assumed he was a celebrity.

Crazy right?

Maybe you can think of a time when you landed on someones Instagram of Facebook and saw the feedback and engagement on their profile and you’d be like hey who is this guy? What do they do?

These are the similar thoughts that triggered my mind when I saw the line of people waiting outside the pizza spot. The line itself was a buzzing factor that gave this pizza spot its celebrity/famous positioning.

Believe it or not the pizza spot was getting more interested prospective customers just from them walking by and seeing that line.

It may feel cheesy to want to create celebrity positioning for yourself and business but it works… to the point where it’ll become a reality that you’re a celebrity within your niche.

Forming a crowd and engagement around you is not the only way to create celebrity positioning by the way.

Here a few ways to kick off your celebrity positioning today:

  • See what credibility or awards you have. Have you been seen or featured somewhere? Earned an award that relates to your industry? If so put it somewhere on your site or mention it.
  • Value the quality in your work. Whether its videos, pictures, or content – make sure you decide you will make it look top notch (as much as you can).
  • Get around and connect with those who have higher authority than you in your niche.
  • Think of what you can do different than the people in your industry. Make it a goal to be unique and bring something fresh to the table.

Lesson #2: Overdeliver To The Fans You Attracted

Don’t lose the fans.

So this one may seem obvious but think about it..

Doesn’t Beyonce always overdeliver ?

No matter how famous she gets – every performance or video she does, you know dang well the diva will entertain and put on a show.

No doubt.

The people that were attracted to her and started listening to her music, are usually not disappointed. Therefore they came back for more becoming loyal fans and customers.

If you attract people with your celebrity positioning and get all comfy when they become customers – you’ll lose them.

You gotta be a Beyonce.

You have to attract and still maintain fierceness for the customers.

There were times I’ve ran across entrepreneurs and they looked so official and then when I bought a product (ready to be blown away) – I was like “wtf is this?”

They not only lose a fan – they lose a customer. And you know what ? The word will get around if your products, services are wack & you don’t keep it fierce on the inside (the customers experience).

Don’t focus so much on the outside that you forget when people finally decide to trust you and buy it needs to be even more of an amazing experience.

So I am going on a bit of a rant here because I wasn’t blown away by my pizza and it was a little cold.

That’s how I had this lesson #2 aha moment. I was so pulled in by the buzz I had heard, the eager people on a long line, the nice look of the restaurant, and sexy looking pizza that when I took a bite I was only expecting pure bliss…

It was not a total fail, it was pretty good – but my expectations were so high. I was expecting more.

So when your clients, customers, team members, or whoever else are finally deciding to trust you and make a purchase – give your all. Every customer counts.

Now I have a question for you:

What will you do today to create your celebrity positioning and what is one thing you can do to overdeliver more with your buyers (even if you already overdeliver).

Thank you, as always for stopping by again and reading, watching and sharing this post. ;)

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At first I said “heck no”

Hey, I thought blogging was:

  • time-consuming
  • wack
  • something no one would really read

Maybe you feel or felt that same way?

Then, someone gave me 4 reasons on why I was missing out. The reasons made so much freakin’ sense – so I gave it a shot.

The result?
[Click to keep reading...]

attention prospects

I am going to show you how to easily capture your prospects attention and make them anxious to know more about your offer.

After this post; you will feel as if getting people to pay close attention and gravitate towards everything you offer is effortless.

Here is the deal: Your prospects are bombarded with a trillion marketing messages and advertisements all day. A shitload of false promises and “the next big thing”.

So when you come along they usually ready to ignore  you or punch you in the face for being another marketer.

So if you want to effectively pique your target market’s interest  easily and instantly (offline or online) – this is for you:

Capture and hold their attention by leveraging their desired feelings and the main benefits of your offer.

People are more motivated by their emotions than all the rational reasons. If you are going to rely on marketing the rational things and features as the reason to buy into your offer you will struggle.

Your product, service , or opportunity solves a problem correct? And after the problem is solved their will be some sort of feeling or benefit your buyer gets. So lets focus on that.

As human beings we are motivated by what we want, how we benefit and the feelings we get.

Example #1

Do you think it is actually the features on the shiny Ferrari that make you happy? If someone buys a Ferrari…what are they going after? The amazing engine? The car door? The nice…rear-view mirror?


The feeling and benefits.

Bingo…the feeling and benefits. We are highly motivated by these things.

When someone jumps into that Ferrari – They feel hip, powerful. Their friends are jealous. When they park their car people whisper. They get in and it makes them feel successful and important.

Example #2

Lets say you run a weight loss product.

The typical marketer would lead with something like

  • Lose 20 pounds in 10 days
  • Get an extra 30 capsules free
  • The best antioxidants


That WILL get some attention but the smart marketer would list some things like:

  • All eyes will be on you this summer at the beach
  • What if you could finally fit beautifully into that ideal dress you want? How would you feel about that?
  • Feel more confident than you have ever felt before
  • Imagine waking up every morning feeling more energized than ever – being able to take full control of your day.

Example #3

In a perfume or cologne commercial do they have someone saying “mmm smells good and the bottle design is perfect! The amount of perfume they give is also a great deal”


They are really good at portraying the feelings and benefit you’ll get out of wearing their perfume its powerful. You are there watching like ”OMG, I need that feeling in my life.”

You get my drift?

So here is how you implement this easily.  Starting today.

Write down 5 of main feelings/benefits your prospects will get by buying your product or joining your program.

Here is an example of what I have used to promote a marketing training program:

  • - Finally feel EMPOWERED
  • - Work Less while Living More.
  • - Automate Big Income for leverage
  • - Build for long term Wealth
  • - Become Influential
  • - Step into your full entrepreneurial potential

After you have created your list of 6 feelings or benefits, you can use these as references for when you are marketing.

Please note that at certain times you will use the features because at certain times it’s necessary.

For example; I offer Blog setup services and I have to list the features so they know what work will be done, and what they are paying for. But during the marketing, advertising, pitching, piqueing etc. – that’s when leveraging the feelings and benefits are important.

If I create an ad for my blog setup services, would I be talking about the wonderful plugins I will be installing or the great coding for their optin forms?


I would talking the benefits of having their blog setup and the feelings it will give them to have it place.

Simply put the Benefits =Results. People want to know what is in this for me? Trigger those feelings. Give them a preview of what they will feel and get so that now they are just dying to learn more or buy.

That simple. Start using the 6 key feelings and benefits to your offer – then implement them during your marketing efforts whether offline or online.

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vid marketing blog post

vid marketing blog post

Cut on that camera or forever market within the  caveman  era.

While you are aren’t using video and hustling to get people to know more about your business – there are other people right now gaining massive exposure and raving fans in their business while they sleep.

They are literally building relationships with people that they do not even know all over the world 24-7.

How do they do it?


If you have not started using Video Marketing you need to start today.

Creating a lifestyle business requires leverage and video marketing can handle a large chunk of that. I remember when I first started my business…

( dreamy music & flashback scenery comes in)

I used to take the train to different places in New York City to show my business opportunity plan to people and to tell them about the products I sold. I would schedule a time and place, travel there and many of times I would not get them to sign up for anything.

I was wasting…

  • Time
  • Money
  • and Losing Patience

Then one day I picked up my mother’s old digital camera (my phone did not come with a camera at the time), I turned it on and shot a video giving value, just being myself then I uploaded to YouTube.

Towards the end of the video I’d given the viewers a call to action to “click the link below the video”. This link went to a page about my business with more information.

It was a dingy 3 minute video I made while sitting in my dorm room bed that made me up to $500 in a day without speaking to those who bought after watching the video (you obviously need an income stream to bring in income from your video marketing efforts).

After that I never took a train or traveled far to get people to join me or buy from me in business – simply because of the power of an online video.

Though i did not get a rush of sales immediately after using video marketing – I saw the leverage and most importantly I saw the results come into my business on auto-pilot.

‘Must Read’ Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Put Video Marketing On Hold

Here are my following reasons why YOU must start using video in your marketing today.

1. The Irrestitable Leverage

You heard my story above. It is the epitome of leverage. Your video marketing works for you 24/7. You do not have to get up and play the video for anyone. They simply find your video via YouTube or Vimeo or Facebook etc. and watch it themselves.

You are giving yourself more opportunities to get exposure 24/7 with every video you upload. Whether you are sitting in front of your phone or laptop there is someone miles away who can be watching your video.

Also in your business; do potential customers have frequently asked questions?

You can create videos based on the questions you know your prospects will have and upload them. This will save you a lot of time. Perhaps you can e-mail or a Facebook message from someone who has a question – instead of typing your thumbs away you can send them a link to a video and tell them their question is answered in full there.

2. Building Relationships & Becoming A Friend

Have you ever landed on someones YouTube channel and you watch a few of their videos and feel like you know them?

Or maybe you watch a reality show and feel like you know the main characters.

That is the best part about video. You get to connect with your audience. People are more willing to listen when they know you are not just another “marketer” or “sales-person” trying to suck them dry of every penny.

Show who you are and show the reasons why YOU are the person they need to be partnering with or buying from. If you want to build a sustainable business you need to have connection with those who follow you because you become the trusted source.

3. The Numbers & Exposure Potential

The level of exposure that is possible? #amazing

100 million people per day watch videos online. There are an unlimited amount of people who can run across your video on the world wide web. According to Forbes, 65% of people go to the marketers’ website after watching their video. That means every person that views your video there is a 65% chance they will click to learn more.

What is also exciting is that you can keep some of these viewers around by having them subscribe to your channel (YouTube is perfect for this). Encourage people subscribe to your channel.


Video is increasingly popular with the way internet surfers spend their time. If you want leverage and exposure this should make you want to start video marketing as soon as possible.

4. Affordable Or Even Free

Video Marketing costs very little if anything at all. 

For someone who wants to incorporate a free marketing method that is effective – video is perfect. If you are looking to take your videos to the next level with an extreme professional touch then there will be expenses but it is not necessary at all. You can get a lot of results completely free with video.

Take Steps Today To Begin Your Video Marketing

- Choose which platform you would like to use for uploading your videos. The most popular is YouTube and below are some other recommended platforms where I recommend you upload. Keep in mind that YouTube is a major search engine like Google, so this is a great platform to use for your videos.


- How often will you be making videos? If you are just getting started I recommend making the effort to shoot a video daily. After all can take just a few minutes.

- How do you plan on getting the most amount of exposure? Although these social sharing sites already have a swarm of visitors you do not wan to simply upload your video and walk away, expecting magic to happen. Share your video to your Facebook, email to your email list – if you do have an e-mail list, email it to a few contacts.

Share it to you other social sharing sites like twitter, or Google plus. Use related keywords in the title and description that people search so that they find your video when they are searching for things.

Following those three things to today can help you build up your following and online presence through video starting right now! If this blog post and help you subscribe to my channel below.


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wake up now compensation plan

Wake Up Now Compensation Plan…

wake up now compensation plan overvire - simplified lifestyleI do get a lot of questions about this Wake Up Now compensation plan. Things Like:

“Is this like a pyramid scheme?”

“How quickly can someone create full time income?”

“Can I actually create a 7-figure business with this?”

“How can I make the most money?”

and much more..

In this post I am going to simplify it and make it as easy as possible to understand. :)

Let’s break the compensation plan into four simple parts so you will be able to completely understand the WakeUpNow Compensation Plan:

  1. Personal Volume (PV)
  2. Sponsorship
  3. Qualified Group Volume (QGV)
  4. Enrollment & Check Matches

“Wake Up Now Compensation Plan” – Building Up Personal Volume (PV)

By making sales on the WakeUpNow products and services and becoming a member yourself; you will build up personal volume (pv). Each product has a certain amount of personal volume.

For example, The platinum package has 90PV (Personal volume is 90). So when you sell the platinum package – you get 90 points of personal volume.

By having 90PV – you are qualified to start making commissions in WakeUpNow.

Below lists the different Wake Up Now packages and what you get for each one:

wake up now compensation plan - platinum package - personal volume

WakeUpNow Packages

If you want a full overview of all aspects of WakeUpNow then click here to get the full inside scoop.

“Wake Up Now Compensation Plan” – Sponsorship

Want to build a business with leverage don’t you?

That is where sponsorship comes into play. When someone joins you in Wake Up Now – the company gives you the flexibility to place them wherever it is best that they be placed in your structure so that you are in position to earn the most out of your efforts.

Below is a video that clarifies the sponsorship aspect of the WakeUpNow Compensation Plan:

Get a full overview on WakeUpNow here

Makes sense right? With that you have better understanding of you will be building your income through this part of the Wake Up Now compensation plan. As we continue on; do not forget that to become qualified to earn commissions you will need at least 90PV (which is easy to acquire immediately by purchasing the platinum package.

“Wake Up Now Compensation Plan” – Qualified Group Volume (QGV)

More leverage.

So we have already clarified what personal volume is is the first section, and this is similar – however personal volume is just based on your personal efforts only. Qualified Group Volume is accumulated through the sales made by others in your organization.


As members within your organization generate sales on the products and bring in more business partners – your QGV increases. So this about the production within your team.

As your QGV increases so does your residual income.


WakeUpNow Compensation Overview

“Wake Up Now Compensation Plan” – Check Matches & Enrollment

When someone becomes a member of WakeUpNow through your personal join link – they are enrolled by you. Keep in mind that this is different from Sponsoring. Enrolling someone means that they initially joined under your link.  Then they can be moved to be sponsored by anyone within your organization.

Here’s a quick example so you better understand:

Let’s say you become a WakeUpNow member through my personal page. I am your enroller. Once you are signed up I can place you under myself or I can place you under someone else in my organization. If I place you under someone else in my organization – they will be your sponsor and I will still be your enroller.

As for the check matches – Let’s say someone has enrolled 115 members into WakeUpNow this has a very positive impact on the Check Matches aspect of the Wake Up Now compensation plan.

However the same effect does not apply on sponsored members – this income stream comes from your enrolled members.


WakeUpNow Compensation Plan – Check Matches

Based on the chart, Let’s calculate income from just Level One alone assuming that they all got their first three business partners into Wake Up Now already (therefore earning $100 residually).

Level 1: 115 IBO’s x $100 x 20% = $2,300 per month in extra income.

This keeps going on up to 4 Levels so I wanted to give you an idea as to why enrolling can bring lucrative extra residual income. Cha Ching.

Is The Wake Up Compensation Plan Is For Anyone?

Well for those who want a real lifestyle business model.

Clearly the Wake Up Now compensation Plan is one that anyone with a strong  desire to succeed can plug into and get massive results:

…even you have never done network marketing before

… even if you currently have no one you think will partner with you in business

… even if you are not 100% confident in your ability to succeed as yet

and I can say all that with complete conviction since I have seen it happen over and over again. Complete newbies to six figure income earners. (Disclaimer: Just because they are making it happen does not mean you will too).

As a ginormous thank you for landing here – when you get started with us on the Leveraged Lifestyle Team by joining Wake Up Now we have almost $1,000  in bonuses to give you. 

Think you’ve got what it takes to create your  lifestyle business? Heck yeah.

Click on The dreamy beach below and join my boyfriend and I on full explanation on WakeUpNow and our bonuses when you join now.

wake up now compensation plan

Click Picture

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See you on the inside ;)
Catherine Soliz-Rey

this hsould od

“Retired at 19 – The Realest Marketer″
Entrepreneur | Internet Marketer | Freedom Artist 

“No spam, BS, or pitches.  Just commission-crushing info.”

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