‘Must Read’ Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Put Video Marketing On Hold

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Cut on that camera or forever market within the  caveman  era. While you are aren’t using video and hustling to get people to know more about your business – there are other people right now gaining massive exposure and raving fans in their business while they sleep. They are literally building relationships with people that they [...]

“Wake Up Now Compensation Plan” 2014 SIMPLIFIED & Real

wake up now compensation plan

Wake Up Now Compensation Plan… I do get a lot of questions about this Wake Up Now compensation plan. Things Like: “Is this like a pyramid scheme?” “How quickly can someone create full time income?” “Can I actually create a 7-figure business with this?” “How can I make the most money?” and much more.. In [...]

Feel Recharged NOW: My Secrets on staying Driven & Happy in Business

feel recharged

Yeah – just can’t stop laughing. Always looking for have the most joy in business because that’s what will keep me DRIVEN. You ever need to take action on something but you are just not motivated to do it? You know that building a successful business takes consistency and sometimes you promise yourself you will [...]

Are You Working Too Much & Still Broke? Work Less & Live More In Business NOW.

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It’s kinda hilarious that I used to slave behind my computer for hours…and my bank account was not reflecting those hours at all. You ever felt like you are working for your business rather than your business working for YOU. I have been anxious to share this quick audio with you that my fingertips are [...]

How To Build Your Network Marketing Business Leveraging The Internet

Most reps fail because they have a low incoming flow of interested prospects. In this blog post you are about to discover EXACTLY how you begin attracting unlimited qualified prospects who are ready to join YOU in your business starting today. No fluff. I will show you how you can begin leveraging the internet to gain mass exposure and [...]

Six Actionable Steps To An EPIC New Year

Mmmmm….smells yummy. Do you smell that? Yeah your home girl is cheffing it up in the kitchen. I went ahead and steamed some salmon over that with garlic roasted string beans. Goodbye to my fatty pastas or fried wings. As if my snack could not get any better…. Post by Catherine Ochún Soliz-Rey. (Like the [...]

7 Rip-And-Duplicate Blog Post Templates

Blog Post Templates: Rip-And-Duplicate I remember one day I sat in  front of my computer and wrote one sentence, then it dawned to me that I had been sitting there for 30 minutes. Writers Block! Of course I do a few things to keep ideas flowing in right? You know… … Jotting down ideas for the [...]