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aboutHey! Welcome, I’m Catherine Soliz-Rey

My goal is to give you valuable,  actionable advice (more than you can imagine) – to help you breakthrough into your entrepreneurial power and create an attractive online presence.

My advice is for the modern entrepreneur who wants that magnetic edge in their business and life.

It means creating a business with maximum leverage, lifestyle, and influence. A business you can that you can conduct from anywhere. A business you love – that works for YOU.

In other words…

You can live life on your own terms.

Call me part home based business powerhouse, part marketing maven, and part personal development fanatic, with a side of go hard or go home attitude and the diva swag to top it off.

You’ll also be seeing my boyfriend Andrey around too; an Internet Marketer who is all about getting traffic and converting sales like Hot cakes.

cat and dre

Andrey and I making the Downtown Miami beach our office for the day

I was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. Always with a big vision to make a difference.

Growing up; my mother and I struggled.

There were times we had no running water, no heat, no lights, and not enough to make ends meet but no matter what I had the vision and belief that I would become extremely successful and help thousands of others.

My mother gave me the faith, strength and mindset I needed to become who I am now.

One day I was laying down in my freezing room (since there was no heat) – under the covers with a jacket on and 4 sweat pants layered on me, in the middle of a New York City October day…then shivering I took off the covers, got on my laptop, ran across a site that inspired me, start snooping around taking notes and started the empire I have built today.

That day everything changed for me.

After  making my first $10,000 online as a newbie, using completely free and simple methods – I realized I could help many entrepreneurs (even with no experience) create success and have more leverage with the simple mindset methods and marketing strategies that I used.

I went from scratch to quitting my job forever at 19, becoming the youngest TOP producer in a well-known online marketing program (Top 60 out of over 100,000 members), receiving the New York State Proclamation for Youth Leadership, and co-founding Next Level Mastermind LLC. –  an online education community for entrepreneurs.

Receiving The New York State Youth Leadership Proclamation Award

Through the methods I teach through this blog, my email list, and Leveraged Lifestyle TV; I help people realize their potential and back it up with simple daily actions to create extraordinary results.

I believe in building a business with LEVERAGE while living a damn good epic life that you are passionate about.

From a dance choreographer, to speaking life and inspiration into people at events, to traveling for fun all the time, to being a poet, to making videos that changes people’s belief system, to performing with my dance company in front of thousands every weekend, to always trying new dishes at different restaurants, to being the business strategist a client needs, to buying every lipstick at the MAC store, to randomly going out with my college buddies…I am the living example that being an entrepreneur is meant to give you freedom to do everything you want to do.

There is no such thing as not having time to do what you want when being an entrepreneur…with a lifestyle business.

Photo: Enjoying the day ❤<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> #living️

I’m known to deliver easy-to-digest yet innovative, high quality training in the industry while keeping the process simple and inspiring.

I am 100% committed to see amazing people like you succeed. I actually care big time about seeing you go from where you are now to exceptional growth and results.

Every entrepreneur needs to know how to have the positioning, influence, marketing skills and the mindset to stand out today.

Through my videos, blog posts, products, coaching services, events and recommend programs, you will learn knowledge and skills that are timeless and effective. Meaning they will forever leave an impact on you and your business.

me n et

Eric Thomas and I at a Marketing International Event | New Jersey

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Time to create sustainability, a following, and to make a difference in your (current or soon to start) business.

I strive to take everything from experience and give you the information you need that will save you from confusion and frustration while build your business. I keep it real and make it my commitment to deliver my best.

Much love,




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