is worldventures ascam

“is WorldVentures a scam?”

Is WorldVentures a Scam? Hmm Is WorldVentures a Scam? Is it legit?…

Being that there are so many young entrepreneurs like myself joining World Ventures – I felt it was necessary to do some research, write a review, and give you a number 1 tip to succeed in it or ANY other business.

*I am NOT affiliated with WorldVentures. Nor do I plan to ever be a part of this. I make income using this 3 step formula here (click here to see video instantly).

I am just a retired 19 year old, online marketer who makes thousands from this very blog, my Facebook wall, my Instagram, and YouTube channel.. – rambling and giving value to awesome visitors like you ;).  

So yeah, as I was minding my business (like always) – but I kept getting these comments on my instagram page; which is starting to get a big following, about others trying to recruit me into this  World Ventures business. Then i looked up hashtags like #Worldventures and #youshouldbehere lol..and saw that this surely did not look like anything that would make me ask “Is World Ventures a scam?”…However you never know – so I still did a little searching.

So, is WorldVentures a scam? (I am going to be hopping between “World Ventures” with spaces.. and “WorldVentures” without spaces because they are used both ways; and I want those who search “is WorldVentures a Scam?”, “WorldVentures scam”, or just “World Ventures” or anything else to find this blog post :) ) Personally, I would not say it is a scam …by the end of this blog post review you will be able to decide for yourself if World Ventures is a scam or legit.

“Is WorldVentures A Scam?” | World Ventures Review – About & Background Information

"is world ventures a scam"

 WorldVentures was founded in December 2005, by Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue. They both began to have success in their early years as businessmen. Whenever people ask me “Is WorldVentures a scam?” or any company at that- I like to look up a little information on who the founders are.

When they began WorldVentures they had a vision to help more people make a living actually LIVING. They call it the “WorldVentures Lifestyle”. They had this belief that life should consist having fun, and adventure. When it comes to a company review – VISION is certainly a part of its “grading”. After looking through the vision; it lowered my curiosity in the question – “Is WorldVentures a Scam?” simply because a great vision always key any business.

“Is WorldVentures A Scam?” | World Ventures Mission

According to the website –

…the mission to create more fun, freedom and fulfillment in people’s lives through the merging of great life experiences, financial opportunity, personal development and contribution.

"is world ventures a scam"

Before you ask yourself is WorldVentures a scam – keep these 3 pillars in mind. I think they are pretty powerful. 🙂

“Is WorldVentures A Scam?” | World Ventures Membership

is worldventures a scam

is worldventures a scam

There are various different memberships available. They are created to fit different preferences and budgets. They consider their pricing to be affordable. Now this is obvious the SERVICE being offered. Which is great sign. There is a valuable product. In order for someone to purchase the memberships they should have the referrer/sponsors ID.


“Is WorldVentures A Scam?” | World Ventures Opportunity

If you went to google to search is WorldVentures a scam there is a high chance you are actually looking for the opportunity aspect of the business. Well as a direct sales company the WorldVentures opportunity is set to give you fun, freedom and fulfillment according to them. They have over 100,000 representatives in over 23 countries. This a company with a direct-selling model and you are able to do it on a part-time basis.

According to the website…

With three distinct vacation and entertainment club options and a vast array of vacation and local experiences to choose from, we believe the hands-on approach serves our customers best.

Sounds like a cool opportunity to me. Nice membership options, great vision. But as always when looking at at opportunity and if it is a scam…what is important to all of us? The compensation plan.

is worldventures a scam

Okay this was taken right from their compensationplan PDF. Commission potential according to the PDF looks okay. (I actually make 100% commissions using this 3 step formula – click here :))

“Is WorldVentures A Scam?” | World Ventures Compensation Plan Broken Down…


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From studying the website and background information; WorldVentures seems to be like a legit and credible direct sales business. When it comes to having success in anything – it is about discovering out if it is a great opportunity. Learning how to market WorldVentures is very important.

Honestly, if you are chasing friends and family to come with you to a business opportunity meeting; then success is probably slow. Been there. done that. Tome to get your membership sales on auto-pilot so that you can make real money.

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But yes – That is my “WorldVentures” or “Is WorldVentures a Scam” Review blog post. No I do not think it is a scam…

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See you on the inside ;)
-Catherine Soliz-Rey
is worldventures a scam
“The retired 19 year old”

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is worldventures a scam

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