wake up now scamWakeUpNow” Scam. Review On The Wake Up Now Scam? –

So you are looking to find out if “WakeUpNow” is a scam huh?

You are not the only one.
This review is the official tissue.

Grab some popcorn and get comfy ’cause I am about to keep it 100% with you.

There seems to be a rising search for information on WakeUpNow.

I was  minding my business (yeah right) on my social media sites …such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc.) but seemed to keep running to pictures related to WakeUpNow as well as #wakeupnow hashtags etc.

Face it – I am a young internet entrepreneur and wanted to see what the buzz was all about on this WakeUpNow stuff.

I am not affiliated with WakeUpNow. I’m just a 20 year old dancer from New York City who happens to also be a internet marketing maven and makes automated income from this blog and social media. – want my blueprint? click here.

So, is wakeupnow a scam? (I am going to hop between Wake Up Now with spaces and WakeUpNow without spaces because they are used both ways. 

See, I want those who search “is Wake Up Now a Scam”, “Wake Up Now scam”, or just “WakeUpNow” or anything else to find this blog post 🙂 (Hint: that’s why I my income works 24/7)

By the end of this blog post you will be able to decide if WakeUpNow is a scam and what it is all about.

“WakeUpNow Scam?” – Wake Up Now | About & Background Information

wake up now scam

Founded in 2009; Wakeupnow is a company that provides solutions for what they consider to be a better life. WakeUpNow products are designed to offer a financial wellness program for savings and money management.

Sh*t. We all need that in our life. 

When you are a member of what most call the “Wake Up Now scam”; you actually get cool discounts and coupons for restaurants,
groceries, shopping, traveling, and other things.

Wake Up Now also has financial management software that members can take advantage of.

“WakeUpNow Scam?” – The Wake Up Now Goals

The executive team in Wake Up Now has 9 individuals who have compiled goals to inspire people from all over.

They want to see more people having financial success. Does this sound like a Wake Up Now scam so far? Not to me. That sounds like a powerful vision.

The company also wants to help others find their passion and define their missions in life.

Okay. Money time shall we?

WakeUpNow Products and Services

Here are some of the products WakeUpNow has at a glance.

wake up now platinum package


Then there is the WakeUpNow Vacation Club. Being part of this allows you to go on luxury vacations without spending an eye and a leg, an arm or any other body parts.

wakeupnow awaken

WakeUpNow Awaken Energy Drinks – These are a boost of natural energy that supposedly won’t make you feel like crashing down like crap within a few hours after. Hmm, sounds cool. If your a wakeupnow rep feel free to donate a pack of energy drinks to a homie. 🙂

wakeupnow scam review

“WakeUpNow Scam?” – The Wake Up Now Opportunity 

WakeUpNow has has benefits of course for preferred customers, but chances are if you are here you are looking to learn more about this company’s opportunity.

You are not here for giggles – you are here to find a way to make real money.

Once you are in they give you a quick start that shows you how to make your first $600 a month. 

From my experience with this very blog you are on, a lifestyle business that you can conduct from anywhere is worth every shot. Though I am not too fond of the business model; Wake Up Now seems to provide that if you work for it.

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Let’s get into the WakeUpNow Lifestyle.

“WakeUpNow Scam?” – The Wake Up Now Lifestyle

Who wants to build a business that makes them wack and boring? No one does.

What I realized through research is that wakeupnow is aligned with “building a business while having a good lifestyle” which is what a sista’ over here is all about.

“WakeUpNow Scam?” – The Wake Up Now IBO Enrollment Option

wake up now platinum package To become an Independent Business Owner at WakeUpNow, you pay $99.95 monthly for what is called the platinum package.

With that you get your marketing suite and product/service suite.

“WakeUpNow Scam?” – Compensation Plan 

Quick disclaimer: Just because many are making $30k-100k+ per month in Wake Up Now or any other business does not mean you will too. Takes work. Trust me 🙂

Below you can see a basic overview of the WakeUpNow compensation plan. Where you see “bonus” is the estimate of monthly income.

wakeupnow - compensationIf you’ve checked around my blog or have been following me on YouTube – you realize I am a big fan of making big money that you’re worth so this is O.K. from a long term standpoint.

I am very familiar with multi-level marketing companies like WakeUpNow I can vouch that their compensation plan is pretty dope compared to others.

 Wake Up Now Review | Joining & Marketing

So by now – you realize that WakeUpNow is legit.

It is about enjoying the business, the lifestyle it brings and then and plugging into a team within WakeUpNow.

Honestly, if you want to have success in ANY business -you must be plugged into the right leaders and training that will teach you exactly how to launch and market your business effectively.

Nod your head “yes” if you agree.

Whether you are in WakeUpNow or not listen up closely. There are 4 simple pillars I’ve personally used to go from z e r o …. to creating a wildly profitable business and brand before 20. Simply put – I know will help you in your success forever. I’ll send it to you for free.

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Knowing exactly what to do (no matter what business you are in) will automatically feel powerful in having a great success story in anything you choose to do.

But yes – That is my “Wake Up Now Scam” or “WakeUpNow Scam” Review.

No it’s not a scam.

See you on the inside ;)
Catherine Soliz-Rey

this hsould od

“Retired at 19 – The Realest Marketer″
Entrepreneur | Internet Marketer | Freedom Artist 

“No spam, BS, or pitches.  Just commission-crushing info.”

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