How To Turn Up Your 2015

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I mean turn up your life by the way ;).

Can I tell you a thought that scares me?

Actually it’s a nightmare.

It’s my 90th birthday and I’m sitting outside my home enjoying the summer breeze. I suddenly ask myself “what are you  most proud of accomplishing in your life, Catherine?”

A rush of memories come into my mind; all the BIG dreams I had, all the goals I had set, and the things I was so passionate about.

And BOOM – it hits me.

Here I am 90 years old and I did not live the life of my dreams because I spent years spent waiting for the “perfect” moment to shine.

Years waiting for the perfect time to take action and setting small goals,not believing in my abilities, not discovering new things, not sharing the inner genius within me.

I wanted to make excuses as to why my life didn’t manifest into the dream lifestyle I swore I would live. But then I realized that I truly didn’t give my 120%.

I didn’t go hard. I didn’t hustle.

I left day after day, month after month, year after year go without putting in work to live the life I deserved to live.

  • Waiting for perfection…
  • Waiting for confidence…
  • Waiting for courage…
  • Waiting for a game plan…
  • Waiting for “more resources”…

A sad and empty feeling settled in my heart as I sat there, 90 years old without having truly lived up to my potential.

Imagine that…

Imagine yourself reaching 90 years old and realizing that you did not live to the fullest, nor love to the fullest, nor matter to the fullest, and pursue your ideal lifestyle to the fullest.

Wake up from the nightmare. It’s a new year. Let’s turn it up.

Did 2014 pass without you giving your 120% towards following your dreams and your passion?

It’s ok. Let go of that. What matters is that you do something now.

It’s a new year and a new you. Even f you’re “not ready yet”.

See you’ve probably noticed that…

I Went MIA.

Three things held me back, and they may be the same things holding you back from creating the lifestyle you want. So let’s throw them out and bring in the new.

1. No more waiting for the perfect moment!

I was waiting for the perfect moment to “get back on track”.

I had hit what has to be the ultimate level of “stuck-ness”.

Maybe you’ve been there too. I wanted my blog to be perfect, I wanted my game plan to be perfect, I wanted my work space to be perfect etc. I started lacking confidence in my inner power and the resources I had available to me.

However I got over my “perfection paralysis” and I decided to take action.

“Nothing will happen, unless you execute”

I started executing despite the lack of motivation to really do so.

However, things still were not working out because I still had limiting beliefs. I was not allowing my confidence to shine.

2. No more doubting your self and your power!

I had slacked off in my confidence.

My mindset was not in success mode and I was comparing myself to others in my industry.

“Your level of success will seldom exceed your level of personal development.” — Jim Rohn

Re-develop your mindset and faith “muscles” so that your success can excel. Get the books, audios, and seminars that will elevate your inner world. Remember…

Your inner world is a reflection of your outer world

Comparing yourself to others is another way to kill your confidence. Sometimes when we’re growing and getting better at our craft, we make it harder for ourselves to take action.

Why? Because we start comparing ourselves to all the things we see others do.

Don’t compare yourself (internally and externally) to others. It will only hold you back from growing into your authentic potential.

You’ll start to become insecure and wonder “if you’re doing this or that right” based on someone else’s style and vision.

Keep it real. Follow your own heart. Compare and compete with yourself.

3. No more living without purpose and passion!

I was realized that my business didn’t align with my true passion and purpose

Man oh man. This was the best realization ever.

My real purpose and mission for my audience has changed. Before, I wasn’t fully tapping into the real way I wanted to the serve the world.

I was just going along with “what was right” or what I thought “I was skilled at”. So everyday I was waking up unexcited to run my business. It was bringing me down rather than fueling me!

I wanted badly for a business that I could feel passionate about, and impact others with.

I took a step back from my business and got listened to myself and my heart. Then, I took pen and paper and designed my ultimate lifestyle and business that aligned with my passions.

I had my breakthrough and I am excited for what is to come

You and I are about to “turn up” in 2015 by leading a life that makes us passionate.

  • Make the decision to be a passion-preneur.
  • Make the decision to build a loveable brand.
  • Make the decision to be fierce, bold, and confident.

If you’re not in love with the purpose your business and brand is serving then it’s time for a little soul searching and a change.

My biggest lesson of 2014 was; tap into your true purpose and take action even before you’re ready.

I am still here to help you build your business, but my purpose is to also help you create your level 10 life, and create a world changing, irresistible brand that makes an IMPACT.

I am here to help you build an inner confidence that shines right through your brand.

Take charge of your life and business with passion and purpose (even if you’re not sure exactly what they are).

Let’s live it up.

When you’re 90th birthday comes and you think back on your accomplishments and will part hard because of it ;).

I am looking to forward to living a passionate, purposeful, and profitable year with you.

Start you new year right by getting access to my free cheat sheet: 10 Ways To Make Your Brand Irresistible On Social Media – So You Can Attract Your Ideal Customers

Cheers to my passion-prenuers. Stay Fierce,



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P.S. Are you ready for your breakthrough in 2015? Let me know in the comments!

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