So can we talk about authenticity?

Sometimes it’s a challenge to just be ourselves in our business and branding.

Seems like the easiest thing to do, but when you start looking at what other successful people in your industry are doing, it’s very easy to start “copy-cating” without realizing it!

Of course if you’ve been marketing or growing your business online, you know who the lovely, business and life coach, Marie Forleo is.

There’s one thing we can’t deny: Marie Forleo is fierce, but often many online women-preneurs want their website, branding, tone (everything) to be a duplicate of Marie Forleo’s brand.

I used to try making my brand just like other big brands I liked.

There were lots of things I wanted to do with my business, but I thought if it didn’t “fit” the “right way” of doing things… or if the brands I looked up to weren’t doing it, then I shouldn’t do it.

When it comes to branding there is no “fit way”. Everyone’s branding is to be different. (click to tweet)

I thought I had to choose colors that other big brands were using, I thought I had to package my products and programs like Marie Forleo, I even practiced my tone and persona to be like her.

I thought “Well since Marie Forleo is successful, let me just do everything like her and I will be successful too.”


Following a person (who is doing what you want to do) in their footsteps and looking up to them and their strategies is no problem; But copying them and their brand is a problem. (click to tweet)

I got to a point of overwhelm where I said “f*ck that” I am doing whatever I want”.

That’s when I got excited.

That’s when I was no longer stuck. That’s when I had more confidence in everything I was doing because now it was all based on my values, my vision, my personality and my wants.

There is only one you and the world needs you.  Don’t trade your authenticity for approval. (click to tweet).

I can’t explain the sense of liberation you will feel when you detach yourself from all the brands you’ve seen, and visualize a brand and business model that is totally authentic to you and to the world.

You ever ran across someones brand and you’re like “Ohhh that looks just like so and so’s brand”, and you can tell they copied another brand you know of?

Don’t be that person.

And don’t worry I am still working on my own brand copy-cat syndrome but these 4 “brand affirmations” that are helping me and my clients get it togethaaaa:

1. “I do what I want and what feels right”

If you try to live by everyone else’s standards or try to resonate with all audiences before pleasing what feels right to you, your brand will never have a solid place in your heart.

If you think of something that feels great to you; try it out. Don’t try to fit your brand in a little box. The more you follow what feels right, the more authentic your brand will be.

2. “I don’t compare myself to anyone but myself”

Marie Forleo has been working on her brand since 2001 (probably earlier). I was 7 years old in 2001! Why stress myself out comparing my brand to hers? My point here is that every brand has its own evolving paths. It takes different experiences, thoughts, teachings and time to pin point that booming brand you’ll be known for.

As entrepreneurs we’re always growing therefore our brand goes on that journey with us and is forever evolving. Everyone’s story is different so it makes no sense to try and take someone else’s brand and make it your story and journey.

 3. “I believe in my ideas”

There are so many times we have a great idea, then we go on online and see another popular brand or leader in our space doing something different and start doubting what we had in mind.

We start thinking “maybe I should do what they’re doing instead”, or we wait until we can see exactly how they’re doing something before we take “sure” action.

I used to copycat other brands’ product launches or emails to “make sure” it would work. What works for another brand may not work for your brand and even if the strategy does, the way in which you do it must be authentic.

The ideas you have for your own branding should have to be validated by someones else’s brand. (click to tweet)

Believe in your ideas, in your knowledge and in your value.

4. “I create my own space”

Be creative and innovative so that you do things differently from other brands.

  • Do things that haven’t been done.
  • Say things that haven’t been said.
  • Offer things that haven’t been offered.

By finding ways to effectively do the opposite of what everyone else is doing is how you create your own space.

Do those four things and your gold. Stay true to your brand, and follow your heart and authenticity. This will not only benefit the success of your brand, it will benefit your heart too ;).

I want to hear from you: Have you had challenges with being authentic with your brand? Tell me in the comments.



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