“David Wood Empower Network Scam” – Before I even dared to pull out my credit card to join the empower network platform founded by David Wood and David Sharpe.

I went to the beloved google and searched – “David Wood Empower Network Scam”.

Yeah I did it. 


What did I find when I searched “David Wood Empower Network Scam” into Google?

Well of course many perspectives – negative reviews, many positive reviews, and people who were not sure what to say.

But wait. I understand the confusion.

From my observations – those who start searching for answers regarding “David Wood Empower Network Scam”  get confused by the fact that the Empower Network products aren’t tangible products (products you can touch/feel). It is an online based educational, marketing training platform.

The Empower Network platform consists of  information products that teach you how to market.

David Wood Empower Network Scam Review

Let’s Think Before we slam the word Scam.

As said above the products-are “real” products; they are just not tangible. When I came online I had ZERO internet marketing experience.




I sat my butt down logged into the empower network and started going through the training products I’d purchase. They were value-packed with information that helped me market effectively. I training open my eyes so much I decided to become an empower network affiliate.

The Empower Network Products became “marketing school” to me and everyone else I referred.

Let me explain with an example…

Let’s go to Harvard.

You walk in Harvard Business School, and you are pursuing… let’s say a Masters degree in Marketing. They say, “Hey you! Come in take a seat, your education and textbooks are absolutely free. It’s on the house!”

Cute story but – na ah not gonna happen.

Even if it’s “free” for your pockets (Scholarship for example) – someone is paying for you to get that education.

Why is our Harvard example relevant?  This shows that if you want to learn how to do something you have to pay for the QUALITY EDUCATION.

Empower Network’s training platform is like stepping into a classroom. You are getting courses that training you for the real world of Internet marketing and building a successful business in general.

Building an email list.


Social media networking.

How to sell through Video marketing.

Paid marketing.

Hypnotic selling & NLP.

Team building & Leadership.

On top of all that training you get an already done for you viral blog platform that you can use as a central “hub” for your business.

List could go on but that’s the general idea.

Find out the full 101 on Empower Network here

Is it illegal to pay for education/information products (like those within Empower Network)? Absolutely not.

Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe have realized that. 

Unless you want to fail miserably, you will need high-quality training that’s going to teach you what’s going to make you real cash. Now, I will admit at first I was a bit on the fence about joining the empower network. I started doing all this lame research (including searching David wood empower network scam) before just making the decision that changed everything for me and tens of thousands of others.

This company has it’s haters – but frankly its changing lives regardless.

At first, I was just sitting on the sidelines while I saw the major success Empower Network was  creating for others. Finally when I got better idea of what it was and it still sounded too good to be true. I watched this video, and as I watched – I am thinking, “Yeah, yeah, what is the catch”.

But I had a conversation with myself.

“I need the training…and heck – I needed the money as an affiliate”

“Well, How much are the commissions? and do I really need to learn how to market”

“100% commissions and I need to know what I’m doing. Okay, okay shit – worth a try.”

I got in. Nothing to lose. As of the day I am write this article, It’s been a few short weeks since I have been in empower network and thank goodness I didn’t say “look at this David Wood Empower Network Scam”….I just got in and took action on what was in the training modules.

I am going to show you some e-mails I got in the last 38 hours.david wood empower network scam

These 5 sales were worth $275 in residual income.

That is not only what fired up my beliefs about what I could make in the Empower Network as an affiliate- the thing is this happened while I was asleep.

You can be a customer of the products and even become an affiliate to be able resell the Empower Network products. Become an affiliate.

If you are cool enough, that is.

It feels good to wake up to an increase in your residual income. If you do not want to wake up to commissions when you refresh your e-mail, then …just be a customer dive into the information.

“David Wood Empower Network Scam” – Recap

So. let’s recap, what are we selling in the empower network… since it is not a Scam?

Empower Network has several products. All of them revolve around training others how to market, transforming the mindset for wealth, how to create informational products and of course just how to unleash your inner entrepreneur to its maximum potential.

Or as I like to say: Stretching yourself.

What comes with the flagship basic level $25 product aka the so-called “David Wood Empower Network Scam” ?

Update: The flagship product is still a viral blog platform, however it is a new and improved 2.0 version. It is the Blog Beast Platform. This is the central place where you should focus on putting your content. See a breakdown on the Empower Network products here or below.

My Simple 6-minute Breakdown of Empower Network:

“David Wood Empower Network Scam”? No Way…Check Out The Community

See everything you get at a $25 membership here. The blogging system is all set up for you and the training’s are there to get you going. All you have to do is log in and start blogging.

The “How to” training’s – are in the products.

Apply that training to ANY business and if you are an affiliate of empower network (or anything else) – use that knowledge to increase your affiliate sales.

On top of the main Empower Network training you also get 8 training videos on the daily activities you must focus on for mastery as an affiliate, as well as bonus training’s that will teach you everything you need to know about creating compelling content.

Makes sense? Join an epic team in Empower Network.

We have an additional team training website which you can get a sneak peak of below.

Here’s Everything You Get When You Join My Team and I Through This Post

Live & Recorded Prosperity Team Coaching Mastermind – Monday-Friday ($397/Month value)
Live & Recorded “Think & Grow Rich” Mindset Call – Monday-Friday ($97/Month value)
$10k Per Month Daily Action Assignments with Accountability($97/Month value)
Prosperity Team Training Site – Step By Step Tutorials($497 value)
Prosperity Team Facebook Mastermind (Priceless)
Marketing SystemFollowup Emails & Webpages that will do all the selling for you. ($197/Month value)
Weekly ‘Hangout’ With Leaders Over $10k/Month to Help YOU Close Sales ($997/Month value)

Click here to get on board and build your internet lifestyle with Empower Network

David Wood Empower Network Scam Review – Positioning Yourself to get Ginormous Commissions 

If you want to maximize your income within the Empower Network Platform and really master marketing on automation – then you want to get access to ALL their products once you are signed in.

I stared at a commission e-mail yesterday from Empower Network (even though this isn’t the first one – I look at every one of these e-mail’s) and I said to myself, if this is really a scam…A “David Wood Empower Network Scam” then there is a chance I won’t even get any money for making a sale on products.

But Voila! Transaction completed.

Legit. It’s real

…my bank account says so.

The Truth About The So Called David Wood Empower Network Scam?

The truth is…I don’t know of any system or program that has paid out over $20 million dollars in commissions in their first year of being founded. Nor do I know many companies that has systems set up to plug into to earn up to $4,625 on one customer.

People are searching to get a piece of  this  potential billion dollar company and yo are here right now – this is your time.

It brings me to a conclusion that nope this is not a “David Wood Empower Network Scam?”

If you are selling an information product, and sell it as an affiliate to earn a sales-based commission, then residuals on some products – that is not a scam.

Click here to get on board and build your internet lifestyle leveraging Empower Network

A screenshot from the Google’s Keyword Tool showing you the exact match search volumes for the keywords all related to Empower Network: david wood empower network scam

This goes to show you how popular the Empower Network has become in such a small amount of time. Stop searching stuff and take action, if I would have followed the crowd that this was a “David Wood Empower Network Scam” then I would not have been able to be retire before 20.

Making 3 sales a day… and it is only going to get better.

This is about being a part of community that is going to help you as you grow to your full potential and the true marketer that you can be.

You got a Facebook? Look and see what others have to say about the Empower Network… 

david wood empower network scam

Take Action: Click here and get more information on how you can leverage the Empower Network to Build a WILDLY profitable business online….while having a life…

Watch The Empower Network Video Below For More Information  

david wood empower network scam

“Dave Wood – Co-Founder of Empower Network”


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