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“Warren Buffet On Energy Deregulation”

“Warren Buffett Energy Deregulation” Video. As I was looking at a video with Warren Buffett discussing Energy Deregulation as one of the largest shifts of wealth my eyes bulged. Okay let’s think of it like this…wealth trends that hit the unites states and flew above many heads; include, the pc industry, deregulation on long distance, and cell phones. Many people “saw” these wealth trends coming and they did not invest to capitalize on them, they instead just watched them happened and became a “part” of the shift believe or not.


Well, now everyone has another chance. Since the United States is breaking up energy monopolies as mentioned in the Warren Buffett Energy Deregulation Video, it spreading a nice opportunity for people like you and me to get a piece of it and make a six or even seven figure income.


Here what was said in the Warren Buffett Energy Deregulation Video: “Energy Deregulation will be that largest transfer of wealth in history.” Well as one of the most wealthiest people in the world, I would say he is certainly a credible person to listen to.

But why is it that Energy Deregulation will be such an enormous opportunity? Well the answer is a EXCITING.. Everyone uses gas and electric 24/7. It has become a necessity in our lives and you can position yourself to get a piece of the pie!


“Warren Buffett Energy Deregulation” Interview with CNN

“A few decades ago, options among energy suppliers were not available. The power market in each state was virtually monopolized. This meant that people had to take the power that they were given, at the price that was offered, from the source making the offer. The Deregulation of energy has changed this, giving the power to the people.”

 Warren Buffet Energy Deregulation 

That sounds, so good. ‘Giving the power to the people.’ Even makes me a bit emotional…but do you see the vision of where this is going?


warren buffet energy deregulation

Energy Deregulation

Energy Deregulation according to Warren Buffett is where you want place yourself so you do not look back in the future and regret that you did not get involved. In this industry you can put in the work only one time and get paid residual income over and over again just for people using gas and electric. Something that they are going to use everyday…anyway.

So take action and listen to the Warren Buffett Energy Deregulation video, 100 times if you have to, but just get in this movement and capitalize like the millionaires and billionaires in our society!


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