Is Mca Scam? | A MUST Read Review & FAQ On The MCA Scam…

"is mca a scam"“Is Mca A Scam?” “Is Mca A Scam?” That’s how it sounds when I always get asked “Is Mca A Scam?” Being that many young entrepreneurs seem to be getting down with MCA (Motor Club of America), many of them ask me what I think about it and if I believe that it’s just another scam…


Honestly…no. I do not think MCA is a scam.

Matter of fact I believe it is an O.K. business.

I am not personally involved in the company, but I have had many of the aspiring young entrepreneurs looking to join or who are involved in it, come to me for advice, as well as people not even involved asking me “is MCA Scam?”

So no. MCA is not a scam so enough of asking me “Is MCA a Scam?” – let’s go over some background information on the company. Since I honestly could not find an “about” page on their website here is the description I found on an associates site; Which seems pretty congruent to what I have heard

* I am not affiliated with MCA Motor Club of America. I make automated income online using my 4 simple pillars. (Click Here now to see info instantly).

“Is MCA a Scam?” FAQ– Why Join Motor Club of America?

 Since 1926 Motor Club of America has been providing insurance and roadside assistance to the general public across the United States and Canada. We offer the very best benefits and services with our memberships, more than you could ever imagine in the offering of a Motorclub. Joining our company as your primary roadside caretaker is enough reason alone to be a member. We have a very long list of offerings, here are some; Discounts on prescription drugs, Vision, Dental, Hotels/Motels, Car Rentals, Hospitalization benefits, $5000 Stolen Vehicle reward, Emergency Travel Expense, Legal Expenses, Credit Card Protection and much more.

From 1926? Wow. If a company has been in business for over 10 years that basically means they are doing pretty well.
Here is there website. It is not very stylish, but it seems safe enough to purchase your benefits.
“Is MCA a Scam"

The website honestly should look better for a company that has been around for so long, and it should also have some more information on the company itself. I may be wrong but I find it so hard to find concrete written information online from MCA directly [Mostly what I found has been through an associate..]. But moving on…

is mca a scam“Is MCA a Scam?” & Other FAQ – How Do people get compensated in MCA?

They say members can make 1,000,000 a year…It’s been around since 1926. I personally know no one making that much in MCA; however I perhaps I just have not met them as yet. You receive $80-$90 per referral.

Since it is 39.95 to get involved, that is 200% commissions. The commission depends on your level in the company.

“Is MCA A Scam?” – How Do I Get Paid

You also have a choice as to how you would like to get paid, which can be to your bank account. So asking “Is MCA a scam?” is understandable since the income potential seems extraordinary. But hey, if they pay it out- they pay it out. Below are the income projections for the MCA Marketing plan. It is pretty much detailed.

is mca a scam

The reason why I say “no”, when people ask me  “Is MCA a scam?” is because this seems like just another direct sales income marketing plan. I have also had friends with success (They no longer do MCA though – most of them have started using my 4 simple pillars to create more profitable, and impactful businesses).

“Is MCA a Scam?” and other FAQ – “What are the services really?”

  • Emergency Road Assistance
  • Towing Services
  • Emergency Travel and Expenses
  • Discount on Legal Services for Moving Violations
  • Discount Legal Service for Vehicular Manslaughter and Auto Assault and Battery
  • Legal Services for Auto Accident Related Personal Injuries
  • Legal Services for Vehicle Damages
  • $5,000 Stolen Vehicle Reward
  • $500 Stolen Farm and Ranch Equipment Reward
  • Touring and Traveling Services
  • Membership Card (Actual Card coming under separate cover)
  • Key Medallion/Lost Key Return Program
  • Auto Decal (Actual Decal coming under separate cover)
  • Discounts on Vision, Prescriptions and Dental (Actual Card coming under separate cover)
  • Discounts on Hotel/Motel and Car Rental


No……regardless you need to know, how to market MCA. Learning how to Market MCA is important. If you are spamming links, or working your butt off to get sales then frankly you do not know how to market. If you do know how to market then nothing counts…Pug into a community that is going to show you how to market your business the right way.

Example: You are on this Blog post because you probably searched “MCA scam, Is MCA a scam?, and other MCA related search terms. Was that by mistake? NO. What If I could you show you how to target you want to your business. This is a LIVE example. I am targeting people who are in MCA or looking to get involved and funneling them into something that will help them build their business better.

How To Market MCA | Motor Club Of America

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is mca a scam

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